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The D+S philosophy is that architecture and design can be found in all projects regardless of scale. The design, construction and production of architecture come through a search for new forms that are contemporary yet familiar. The outcome must always be in harmony with the context of the projects and with sensitivity to the clients needs.

Design+structureS - Takis Yalelis Architect 

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Design and structureS services


D+S LTD is an architectural and structural consulting and construction office.

The office has been operating under the title Design+structureS since 1994.

Under the new office name the practice has designed and/or constructed numerous projects such as houses - ranging from small residencies and villas -, interior refurbishments, private office and commercial buildings and office interiors, industrial design related products, exhibition stands, industrial buildings and other. D+S has undertaken projects for significant companies such as Hellenic Petroleum, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Astrazeneca BioPharmaceutical, Dixons SE EuropeWIND Hellas, Hewlett-Packard, Avinoil and Express Service.

A variety of services may be provided related to a project: - site plan and site evaluation in terms of location and compliance with zoning and building permits - issuing of building permits, evaluation of existing buildings in terms of their flexibility, structural integrity and quality control-architectural, structural and mechanical design-interior design-interior and exterior refurbishments and/or extensions-furniture, fixtures and special structures design-temporary structures, design.

The D+S office may undertake small and large scale projects which can be supported up to the actual construction in collaboration with subcontractors, familiar with the practice s techniques.

The work of the office has been recognized for the unique approach that follows the realization of each individual project. Interviews from Takis Yalelis or articles that he has written himself have appeared in the daily and monthly press. Many of D+S works have been published in monthly and weekly periodicals such as:


Takis Yalelis profile

Takis Yalelis ( Τάκης Γιαλελής ) was born in Athens in 1961.

He studied architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Architecture, while also receiving a minor diploma in photography. After working in New Jersey and New York for a year he continued his studies at the State U of New York at Buffalo where he specialized in Building Technology. He received a Masters in Architecture in 1987.

Takis Yalelis returned to Greece in 1987 and established his own practice in 1992. Since 1994 the office has been operating under the title Design+structureS.

Under the new office name the practice has produced numerous houses ranging from small residencies and villas to projects for private companies ranging from new buildings, interiors and industrial design. Later in 1994 Mr Yalelis formed a partnership with Aggeliki Psara, a civil engineer herself, with whom they hold a second office at Theologos, a town situated 100 km away from Athens. Over 200 houses, summer resorts and housing complexes have been constructed in that area since then.

The work of Takis Yalelis is known for its continuous search for new shapes and materials on which a modern yet familiar architecture may come about, taking into consideration the practical needs and targets of his clients.

Takis Yalelis architectural office undertakes small and large scale projects which can be supported up to the actual construction in collaboration with subcontractors, familiar with the practices techniques.

Our Team


 Jorgilias Wetzel - Yalelis, Registered Architect M.Sc.Arch RWTH - Partner 

• Psara-Markou Aggeliki, Registered Civil Engineer - Partner 

• Vagianos Nikos, Registered Civil Engineer NTU Athens

• Kapetanakos Dimitris, Registered Mechanical Engineer NTU Athens

• Roussou Evgenia, Registered Architect MSc University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

• Anthopoulou Rena, Draftsperson/Communications

• Koutsafti Eleni, Registered Architect NTU Thesally

• Fragketi Mania, Graphic Designer Maniart Designs



Previous Colleagues

The following have worked for D+S in the past (1992-2009) and have participated in various projects:

• Aggelaki Xaris, Registered Interior Architect (2009-2019) • Korovesi Chrysoula Architect NTU Athens (2009) • Pavlidou Dimitra Architect NTU (2009) • Thergiaki Kalia Architecture student (2008) • Mavroeidis Kiki Architect NTU Athens (2008) • Giorgadidi Vicky Registered architect NTU (2007) • Pantazelou Gogo Architect and Interior designer (2000-2008) • Fafaliou Eleni Interior Designer (2007) • Douvitsa Giota Architect Univercity of Budapest (2006) • Rizopoulos Giorgos Registered architect NTU and Interior Designer (1996) • Stavropoulos Dimitris Technical Civil Engineer (1995) • Lalou Ioanna Registered architect NTU Athens (1994)


Architectural Photography

• Ioanna Nikolareizi

• Olga Nikolaidou

• Giorgos Fakaros

• Takis Yalelis

• Konstantinos Zafranas

 Jorgilias Wetzel-Yalelis